2015 Demo

by Niedra

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released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Niedra Oslo, Norway

Niedra is a threepiece from Norway and Russia that makes music in a landscape where diy avantgarde meets heavy punk and surrealism shakes hands with dadaism. Loud in a way that speaks to the skeleton and heavy like the weight of time.

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Track Name: Labyrinth
across the sky across the endless sea
who raised the wall a barbwire labyrinth
a mighty fortifier
the one i will never meet
i cast my voice in the abyss

let me get out of that dismal place
open the gate in the wall you raised
i have to beg the mechanic
i shake i implore
i look at the machine he built
in its bottomless maw
i throw my voice

the roar is deafening
over the walls
over the labyrinth
out into nowhere goes my voice
unheard and drowned out

(now i'm about to hear the verdict)
they put their words in my book
out from my little cell
i ran but never left
the enormous anthill
the immense hive you raised
Track Name: Divide
nothing i used to know
i can see around
this world is new to me
have I lost my memory
it all looks surreal
i see them bow and kneel
before their own fears
they locked themselves with

got your minds erased

burn the bridges
break and divide
minds erased
trying to forget what's left behind

close the doorways
break and divide
you build the walls
none will ever climb

you watch the doorways close
you watch the walls arise
your own prison cell
you've built around yourself