Forest Wave Of Heavy Punk

by Niedra

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The Guilt 09:22
indifference reigns not every day one will get a chance to proclaim black for white turn off your mind in this silent world as we sit and watch the dawn darkest days yet another time and we're all to blame it's your guilt and mine it's your guilt and it's mine we just didn't care silent we stayed they've always been there and they would give it all for the new dark ages to come the sickest most loudmouth prick on their shoulders they gonna lift and then bring him right to the throne we had it coming each on in here has been warned not every day a psycho gets a chance, no long they've been waiting but now its their time that wave's hard to stop the scum will rise to the top and you have been warned we don't have a clue what the abyss hides what is there in outer space uncharted trails clearly we don't care enough no one is quite sure what is going on in our own bodies and minds but to risk our comfort's too much we don't care enough what the abyss hides yet another time the truth escapes we are all to blame the guilt is yours and mine we never care enough we stood and watched the dawn of our darker days the truth escaped silent till the end we never care enough what the abyss hides yet another time the truth escapes we are all to blame the great indifference reigns we never care enough the sickest minded one we could see him arise all the way to the top and climb upon the throne we did not care enough
Erase 01:42
they will erase everything you loved to build everything you hate those things you thought you owned this place that you called home such humble paradise, your way of life now it seems to get in the way of someone's gain they'll erase everything you loved to build everything you hate climb with me up a tree you will see ---------------------------- if you stand in the way of someone they will try to make you move. if it's about the profits of people with enough power the first thing they will do is to create a headache for you. bureaucracy, lawsuits, all kinds of obstacles out of nowhere. until your whole way of living gets so unendurable. that for you it's either you find another place or loose your mind. that office complex on the river bank, the one that wasn't there a few years ago... i've looked at it a hundred times since they built it and still i have same question - what was it, a competition between dickhead architects to make the ugliest building ever? and they couldn't decide who's the winner so they took parts from each project and that's how it became what we see today where's the lake, where's the forest, it's all erased by the bulldozers soon there's going to be a new cozy fansy neighbourhood. shining new houses, stupid expansive; and there'll be a shopping mall. with a huge parking lot and a gas station and whatever else... life's gonna be beautiful. for someone else. ------------------------------ they'll erase everything that i loved to build everything i hate they'll erase anything in the name of gain that's the way they game
erase and grind try as you might harbor no opinion i want me back as you damn well knew you loose the cards you show when he points his finger at you thumbs down it all seized up to a grinding halt grinding halt all the fault given to one given to fail that's the rule all the time we were young until the time it was given to one the last card out we all know that game everything you had you have lost again the end (erase) you hear the silence shout (and grind) as you watch them crowd (i'll harbor none) it's all over thumbs down
Rhino 02:03
can he see what's in his way the beast doesn't seem to care wherever rhino is running his rage rage is going to get him there little door that you're closing won't keep him out that door that you're locking won't keep him out little door that you're closing can't stop him no way can he see what's in his way the beast does not care
Labyrinth 02:32
across the sky across the endless sea who raised the wall a barbwire labyrinth the mighty fortifier the one i will never meet i cast my voice in the abyss let me get out of that dismal place open the gate in the wall you raised i have to beg the mechanic i shake i implore i look at the machine he built in its bottomless maw i cast my voice the roar is deafening over the walls over the labyrinth out into nowhere goes my voice unheard and drowned out (now i'm about to hear their verdict) they put their words in my book out from my little cell i ran but never left the enormous anthill the immense hive you raised the roar is deafening over the walls over the labyrinth into nowhere goes my voice voices unheard and drowned out
Divide 03:15
nothing i used to know i can see around this world is new to me I've lost my memory it all looks surreal i see them bow and kneel before their own fears they locked themselves with got your minds erased burn the bridges break and divide minds erased trying to forget what's left behind close the doorways break and divide you build the walls none will ever climb no! you watch the doorways close you watch the walls arise your own prison cell you've built around yourself
Slough 09:27
mind in standstill my body getting numb the noose is tightening another day burned out it's getting harder to breathe no solid ground under my feet i feel like i'm all alone though i can see you right next to me still thinking we did not get lost ... though who would have thought we could end up here nothing to hold on to with each move i drown deeper in this slough i wish i could tell you where our road took that twisted strange turn which led us here i wish i knew why i could no longer get my voice to reach your ears with your eyes you could not see ikke igjen ikke noe tak ly eller anker we felt we're going nowhere too proud or scared to tell it would not let us say out loud what we all knew so well burnt out the noose is tightening further down the well old wounds have taught us nothing once more same mistake tell me you're leaving find out that i don't care anymore the path we used to walk on that day we will forget
Forest Wave 08:34
the wave is getting closer can you see it's time for us to drag our boat ashore what got run over will never be never be the same as before the pressure's rising can you feel your bone marrow will know for sure take hold before you're swept away the water spares few the oldest truth is never moved by our will it's not for waves to care for a boat if it likes being thrown around if you would like to fall to the ground the gravity will ask you not nor will the sun ever ask the earth if it's too cold the water spares few consent for nature comes from none take hold before you're swept away as shadows grow the tendons fray the ending it's everywhere no humans here alone no water here for me to take when bones bend in the brows wake take hold before you're swept away the water spares few the oldest truth is never moved by our will


We are Niedra, and we could not be more excited and proud to present you our first full length studio album. Recorded in December 2016, it sums up all the material we have written together to date. Eight very different, dynamic, intense and heavy songs, we've put all of our unrelenting energy into. Hope you will enjoy it. See you on the road.

The record is available on 140gr LP right now. To get a copy contact us via noise at niedra dot no


released April 14, 2017

Niedra is
Sergey Alexeev - guitar and voices
Magnus Nymo - drums, noises and voices
Lars Toverud - bass, synth and voices

Recorded at Rockehuset, Halden by Hans Uhre
Additional recordings at Iskremboden and Txome by Niedra
Mixed and mastered by Sergey Alexeev at His Hovel

Front cover photo by Anne Otterstad Bjercke
Back cover photo by Tiedo Meyer
Cover arrangement by Lara at Subterranean Prints

Thanks to:
Jimi, Hans, Anne, Tiedo, Lara, Bård and La Casa Fantom, Urko.


all rights reserved



Niedra Oslo, Norway

Niedra is a threepiece from Norway and Russia that makes music in a landscape where diy avantgarde meets heavy punk and surrealism shakes hands with dadaism. Loud in a way that speaks to the skeleton and heavy like the weight of time.

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